Make Money Magic

Make Money Magic


Nothing makes me more compassionately angry than seeing beautiful souls stay in relationships, jobs, unsafe situations, and keeping themselves small due to their financial situations. We grow up learning that there’s not enough for all of us, that money isn’t something we should talk about and definitely shouldn’t desire.

We have limiting beliefs about money that prevent us from allowing more abundance into our lives and it’s a load of crap! We think money will make us jerks but money just makes you more of who you are… so if your loving and giving, guess what?! You’ll be more so.

Money is an exchange of energy and love you’ve been giving it all out but you ain’t been receiving all that’s meant for you! There is more than enough to go around and it’s available to us all! If you’re ready to claim what’s meant for you and shift the shit that’s been getting in the way then this course is for you! I’m so excited to support you in receiving more abundance in your life which will allow you:

More connection, more baby snuggles, more adventures, more giving to causes you care about, more beauty in your life, more generosity, freedom, independence and much much more! I wanted this course to reach is many beautiful souls which is why I’ve made it ridiculously affordable for you!

For 14 Day’s [an email a day] You’ll receive love filled emails sent right to your inbox with practical tools, actions, exercises, and a touch of magic to help you shift the shit that’s been getting in the way and open the doors to abundance!

Sending you tons of love & abundance! xo- laurie marie

P.S. Be sure to check your spam & promo folder after you purchase. You should receive your Welcome & Day 1 Email within 15 minutes of placing your order. If you don’t please don’t hesitate to email I do my best to make sure everything works smoothly but sometimes technology fails us but we’ll get you back on track either way.

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