1 Hour Psychology of A Session Call

1 Hour Psychology of A Session Call


When you show up to a shoot do you struggle to know what to have your client do to get the expression you desire from them? Does it feel like the emotion/heart is missing from your work? Do you struggle to get authentic expressions from your client? Being photographed can be a scary & vulnerable experience for your client & often times it can leave them feeling like a deer in the headlights. Over the years I’ve seen many photographers shame their clients for not being “photogenic” or not cooperative. Don’t shame or blame them, it’s not their fault.

The right tools, strategies, and understanding of the psychology of a session can help you as the photographer guide them to…


This 60 minute Online Zoom [online meeting room] call will be jammed packed with delicious goodness to help get the expressions you want from your clients. We’ll dive into what your experience has been with your clients and I’ll give you the tools and strategies to use to help you deliver heart-felt and impactful images that will have your clients and those who see your work gushing!

All calls are recorded so you’ll be able to replay the calls over and over again and believe me… you’ll want to! Don’t let another awkward smile go bye it’s time to take control of your sessions.


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