I'm a big believer in essential oils. I use them for everything! I've been on my spiritual path for over 5 years now and I started incorporating oils into my life about 3 years ago as I started to learn just how important it is to use natural solutions for wellness that didn't involve toxins, chemicals, and other harmful/questionable materials.  


How + WHY I Got Into Doterra


About 3 years ago I had a friend who was getting into selling oils and she asked me to come to one of those parties, you know the kind that you typically dread because oh-god they're gonna want me to buy and join something... Ugh I just came for the wine and some girl time... but this was different lol. I was actually genuinely interested in learning more.

I had used them in some of my spiritual development classes and really could feel how they were helping me to open up my intuition as well as my eyes to the importance of wellness when you're on a spiritual path. Now just to be clear, I don't promote or encourage others to try anything that I haven't tried and believe in. I'm not into MLM's in general and I've never thought of doing Doterra as a business, however, I just love their products and truly find them so essential in my day to day life as well as in my spiritual practice. 

Everything has energy and it's important to care about what we are putting in and on our bodies. I wasn't always invested in caring about myself, in fact my self-care game used to be pretty weak but over the years I've come to realize how much these chemicals affect me, especially being a highly sensitive person [ie. empath, medium, psychic, etc]. For example I started to realize a few years back that my deodorant was giving me terrible headaches, it was the spray on kind and I ran out for a few days, guess what, no headaches. So I switched to natural deodorant and no more headaches... I started to notice other ways that my body would react to different products and foods. I also started to see that the more I developed my intuitive gifts, the more sensitive to things (that don't belong in my body has become) ie [processed foods, skin, hair products, etc] and more and more I've been educating myself and switching over to products that are natural. When you bring higher vibe products into your world you vibe higher!

At first I had no idea how to use oils and didn't know a thing about them, at all but it was easy to learn and over time I just started to know more and more. I used an amazing app called Modern Essentials and I could just type in an issue I was having and I'd get a solution. Once I was shooting a wedding and the groom had terrible stomach pain [the kind where he didn't know if he'd be able to walk down the aisle] and I just so happened to have my little travel kit with me and dropped a few drops of peppermint into his water bottle (with permission of course) and he was back to normal in less than 5 minutes! Walked down the aisle and danced the night away like nothing ever happened! That's just one of the many many examples of how my experience with oils has been amazing! Now I use them for cooking, wellness, cleaning, and so much more! Now I can't go without them!


There's many reasons people love Doterra and there are a variety of ways people want to use oils as well as how they want to purchase. Some people just want to be buy outright, some want to signup to get all of the amazing incentives, some want to make it a business and others want to make enough just to get their oils paid for. No matter which one is right for you I can help you get setup and get you started. We'll hop on a call and see which type of membership is right for you! 


When I was first starting out in my oil adventures I wasn't sure what to try, there were so many and where do you start?! I highly recommend starting with a kit. It gives you a great start and features some of the most used oils as well as some of my personal favorites.


Emotional Aromatherapy System

Emotional Aromatherapy System



Emotional Aromatherapy System