WANT MORE Magic In Life?


The Girls Got It Right... You are MAGIC!

Whether you realize it or not, you are magical. It's the reason you're here reading this right now. I'm gonna take a guess and say you've been having a lot of signs recently that have brought you here to me. You my friend may be having what is called your spiritual wakening! Now don't panic, you're not crazy, there's nothing wrong with you, you're just waking up to all of your beautiful magic that's been inside you tucked away. 




Have you been experiencing any of the following?





Have You Been Experiencing Any Of The Following...

  • Feeling more awareness of old patterns + behaviors

  • Desiring more out of life? More love, more connection, more meaning?

  • The ability to take part in small talk or shallow conversations is becoming increasingly less and less

  • Desiring To Discover + Uncover Who You Really Are & What You're Capable Of

  • Are your sleep patterns changing

  • Noticing more appreciation for life

  • Are animals and small children drawn to you?

  • Finding it harder and harder to stuff your feelings?

  • Do certain numbers seem to be following you? Like 222 or 11:11? 

  • Loss In The Desire For The Superficial or Anything That Doesn't Feel Authentic
  • Are your friendships changing/
  • Feeling a strong desire to meet more like minded people
  • You were sensitive before but now OMG
  • Feeling drawn to all things witchy? Tarot cards, oracle decks, crystals, sage and other spiritual goodies
  • Do there seem to be signs everywhere
  • Can't hang in the drama game any longer
  • Have a difficult time watching the news, tv, social media with violence or disturbing images?
  • Do you find yourself wanting to develop and understand your intution more?

If You've Answered Yes To Some or Many of These, You my friend Could be in the midst of your spiritual awakening.




No Worries My Love..There is nothing wrong with you. You are not broken, you are not going crazy, you are just waking up!




No Worries My Love..There is nothing wrong with you. You are not broken, you are not going crazy, you are just waking up!

You've been asleep for a while and you're just awakening to who you really are! This is so exciting! Not everyone wakes up to who they truly are. Most people are asleep and never wake up. What does this mean? It means a couple of things...


  • Live life on auto pilot, very reactionary. Living in a constant state of flight or fight.
  • Feel victim to their circumstances, feel powerless
  • Repeat old patterns and beliefs that affect relationships, business, family dynamics and other areas of life.
  • Blame others for the "way things are."
  • More Awareness of Old Patterns & Behaviors
  • Stay in relationships that aren't serving their highest good
  • Constantly wishing things were different
  • Believes things are happening to them instead of for them.
  • Staying in soul sucking jobs they hate or toxic relationships because they don't believe they will be supported.


  • More Awareness of Old Patterns & Behaviors
  • Live in a mindful state most of the time (this improves with time)
  • Aware of the actions + choices they are making
  • Takes responsiblity for their actions + choices
  • Co-creates with a higher power
  • Recognizes that they are the creators of their reality
  • Feels powerful, confident & empowered
  • Can work through any of life's challenges because there is a new and deeper understanding of the bigger picture
  • Breaks old patterns that no longer serve.
  • Take action
  • Knows that life's challenges are happening for them not to them.
  • Receive guidance from the divine, universe, GOD, source, (whatever you feel good calling it).







You Were Born For Big Things!










  • Discover your gifts + what they mean
  • Move past the blocks keeping you stuck in the same job, the same types of relationships, the same
  • Discover your purpose
  • Learn to develop your gifts
  • Become More Aware of Old Patterns & Behaviors
  • Learn to trust yourself more + your intuition.
  • Discover tools to protect your energy + best practices for caring for your sensitive soul.
  • Feel passionate & empowered knowing you can create your own life!

  • Learn how to connect to your guides

  • Move through self-doubt & learn confidence with your gifts

  • Discover how to create healthy boundaries

  • Find your soul tribe

  • Become the painter of your own life

  • Learn to make decisions quicker and drop the need to seek council from a million other people