[Spiritual Teacher, Healer, & Coach]

We all need support sometimes and if we really want to experience change & growth we can't go it alone. It works for a while but eventually we need someone there to help us through the challenges and someone who can guide us and help us stay accountable to our desires, our dreams and who can hold us through our darkest fears until we can hold it for ourselves... 

Working with mentors, healers, coaches, and light workers has been key to making change in my own life. I have no doubt you'll get to where you wanna be, I trust in the universe & you and I know that if you want to accelerate growth and transformation it helps tremendously to have support along the way. 


  • Beautiful souls who are ready to do the work to transform their lives, who want to become the most awesome version of themselves

  • People who are ready to step out of their comfort zone

  • Who are ready to invest in themselves & become the happiest person they know

  • Souls who are willing to push the edges of who they are

  • Willing beauties who desire to live a fuller life


  • I work 1:1 and twice a year I offer group coaching oppurtunities. I bring to the sessions a unique combination of my intuitive gifts, life experience, as well as my Fearless Living Coach training. We'll work with a variety of tools & practices to dive deep into your heart & I help guide you to become empowered to trust your heart & your intuition.

  • I believe in empowering you to trust yourself and through practice you'll be more confident in yourself & your gifts.

  • I help you to discover your purpose & uncover & develop your own intuitive gifts.

  • I teach you to listen & connect to your heart

If you feel called to work together, we'll jump on a call to chat about what you're desiring to shift in you life and I'll recommend either my 3 month, 6 month, or one year program that will best fit your needs.  When we do this work together we are entering into a relationship, so it's important  that we both be inspired by each other and excited to spend time together each week making magic, co-creating your life, artfully healing, and diving into unknown depths together. Working together is a co-creative process and I look forward to seeing if we're a good fit.




"Laurie Marie is a rare gem in a sea of glitter and I promise you, that you can't go wrong with your choice to work with her toward your goals. Whether it be for business, love, relationships, practicing loving your body - it doesn't matter - work with her and watch the magic that unfolds!" xo- Brooke B.


Most of us are faced with blocks that keep us from our life's purpose.  These blocks, whether they are in our own minds and hearts, or from others' expectations, put up walls around our hearts, and keep us for being "seen" in this world as we truly are.  When I first started working with Laurie Marie, this was the case for me.  I had little or no confidence in my ability to create and sustain a spiritually purposeful business, and I was at an all time low in my professional mindset.  

Laurie Marie helped me overcome the obstacles, as they came up, layer by layer,  understand my fears, and overcome them.  There was a time when not only did I not believe that I could ever fulfill my dream, but I was'nt even sure how to go about putting the small kernel of a dream into action!  

Today, my dream is in motion, and I am sharing it with the world!!  I cannot recommend enough what it will do for you to work with such a compassionate, dedicated mentor, who'lll help you learn the tools you need and to become free of what is holding you back, to gain the confidence you need to live your dreams.  And by the way, Laurie Marie has LIVED THIS - she is the real deal, and knows the struggle from the inside out.  YOU CAN DO THIS! - Milada R.