I'm Laurie Marie.

I'm a high-vibe honey, [at least i try to be], a BRAVE BABE™, a big-hearted love bug who sees the beauty in everything and every one. A big believer in the universe and the magic in it… a body positive/brand photographer of over a decade, stylist, psychic-medium, coach, branding babe, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a lover of all things cute, coffee lov'n, mermaid wanna be, dog-snuggling-animal lover, yes the list goes on and on...

To tell you all of who I am would take forever and I don't really know if any one of us can be defined by a label. What I do know is that I'm a survivor, resilient AF, and I'm here on a mission.

I have a deep seeded mission to show women how extraordinary they are!

To help them discover their beauty, magic, and inspire them to seize the life they’ve dreamed of! My deepest desire is for every single heart I touch to know just how incredible they are! To love themselves deeper, know their worth, and to become the beautiful, Brave Babe™ I know they are!

How do I know... because I'm one too and I know theres one waiting to burst out within you! To read my full story & how I got here click here.