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  • Wish they'd smile more naturally? 
  • Get frustrated with the awkward looks?
  • Want beautiful emotional images that clients drool over?
  • Want to feel more confident in your interactions with your clients?
  • Want to feel more comfortable behind the camera... especially under pressure?
  • Feel like your clients are just so awkward!
  • Think it's time to up-level your photo game!
  • Wish that you're clients would be more loving?
  • Think OMG why won't they just look at the camera?!
  • Find yourself thinking... "their so stiff, stuffy, or uncomfortable" in front of the camera?
  • Want MORE feel out of your images?
  • Feel awkward yourself during a session?

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heart centered


End Awkwardness Once + For All!

laurie marie photography

Laurie Marie's has an uncanny ability to put people at ease and has Mastered the Art of bringing out emotions in people. She's been called "the Barbara Walters of photography." Her work has spanned for over a decade and has been featured in various publications over the years.


Laurie was fantastic to work with people! We instantly connected and I quickly realized she was worth every penny! Our engagement pictures were amazing! The way she portrayed us as a couple was spot on! She made us feel super comfortable in front of the camera. My husband and I always felt we looked awkward in pictures but with Laurie we looked awesome and photogenic!

- Lindsey + Denis