Most of us are faced with blocks that keep us from our life's purpose.  These blocks, whether they are in our own minds and hearts, or from others' expectations, put up walls around our hearts, and keep us for being "seen" in this world as we truly are.  When I first started working with Laurie Marie, this was the case for me.  I had little or no confidence in my ability to create and sustain a spiritually purposeful business, and I was at an all time low in my professional mindset.  Laurie Marie helped me overcome the obstacles, as they came up, layer by layer,  understand my fears, and overcome them.  There was a time when not only did I not believe that I could ever fulfill my dream, but I was not even sure how to go about putting the small kernel of a dream into action!  Today, my dream is in motion, and I am sharing it with the world!!  I cannot recommend enough what it will do for you to work with such a compassionate, dedicated mentor, who will help you learn the tools you need and to become free of what is holding you back, to gain the confidence you need to live your dreams.  And by the way, Laurie Marie has LIVED THIS - she is the real deal, and knows the struggle from the inside out.  YOU CAN DO THIS! - Milada R.

“Laurie Marie has her profession perfected. She immediately makes you feel comfortable and provides a non-judgmental environment to let your hair down (literally!) and have some fun. She truly wants to celebrate the beauty of all women." - Jackie


Laurie Marie is an amazing Coach. Laurie Marie has an amazing gift and provides her clients with insight, knowledge, and guidance in a non-threatening and very comfortable manner. I was quick to trust her with my most difficult circumstances and most private feelings, and I found that she has the uncanny ability to provide ease, even as she helped me move through some painful and often difficult subject matter. 

At the time of Laurie Marie's coaching, I found myself stuck personally and professionally. I was overwhelmed with a family circumstance that exhausted me physically and mentally. I had also just recently made a major career decision that felt very scary and very overwhelming, truth be told, I was struggling with my professional identity and after I made my choice, I wondered what would become. I was lost, confused, and unable to see that I had control and power over my choices, that I could also control my perspective and ultimately my future. 

Laurie Marie has a unique knack for helping you uncover your true intentions and then provides the tools and inspiration to guide you to success. She has been such a blessing to me, I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to work with and learn from her. Please, if you are considering working with a life coach, reach out to Laurie Marie, it is a life changing experience!- Dayna W.


I first came to Laurie for life coaching. I had this nagging, yearning feeling that I knew I was meant to do more and to follow my dream of one day opening my own spa. I was really struggling with the "how" part of it. What steps do I take, where do I find the time, how do I overcome the overwhelming feelings of self-doubt in a family and community that seemed to be (at the time) unsupportive of self-care and the healing aspects of my spa services. 

She and I set up times to FaceTime since we are states apart and she helped me, each time, with a different set of tasks. Taking small steps, taking action, moving forward every day/week/month (however long it took me to complete each step) and move in a positive direction for growth. I would set small goals and once I reached them or completed them we came up with new ones. Once I was able to work through the mental hurdles (and they aren't gone - they don't disappear - you just find healthier ways to get through them), I was able to start taking larger steps toward presenting to the public that I was open for business and ready to attract clients with the fitting energy. She helped me figure out how to start blogging, how to create eye-catching social media posts and how to interact with my potential clients. One of the most recent developments has been working on a website together.

Laurie is a one-stop shop when it comes to your complete brand image as well as your mental energy for your business and your life. Through every task, I have relied on her to narrow down issues and create solutions with me. She provides suggestions or tips and guides you to do the work so that you feel empowered and confident in your choices. All the while she is communicating in a loving and compassionate tone, never showing frustration or jumping in to take over a project - which is huge for personal growth.

Would I recommend her? Hands down - a resounding YES! I know that I would not be where I am today with my business and personal life if I didn't have her as a guide and mentor. She has had an enormous impact on my life - always full of joy, beauty, and kindness.

She is a rare gem in a sea of glitter and I promise you, that you will not be unhappy with your choice to work with her toward your goals. Whether it be for business, love, relationships, practicing loving your body - it doesn't matter - work with her and watch the magic that unfolds! xo- Brooke B.


Thank you Laurie Marie! I have to start by saying I was very skeptical to have my reading done over the phone. I felt a phone reading would do nothing, I was absolutely wrong! Throughout my life as an adult I have felt I strive for people to love me. My reading today turned into a life coaching session I'll never forget! Laurie Marie hit very sensitive spots in my very personal life that I've not talked about out loud to ANYONE, including my husband. Laurie Marie was able to not only talk to me about these topics, but also make me feel at ease with them and start working on them. The only way to fix something is for a person to acknowledge that it is broken. Laurie Marie was able to help me acknowledge these pieces of me that are broken, and still make me feel like a beautiful person. She talked to me about ways to start healing and accepting me for me. She told me life is a practice, some days are better than others, but you still get up everyday and try. I highly recommended taking the time to talk with Laurie Marie no matter where you are in your life. - L. Orseske

“I've had several sessions with Laurie Marie over the last year and I'm so happy that I chose to have her do my readings. Having a medium work with you can be a very personal experience and you don’t want to work with just anybody. I felt so comfortable with her calm energy and at ease with all that she was able to share with me.

Since she focuses on a heart-based intuition, all the good energy was brought and I was never left feeling ‘off’ or questioning any of the process. There was even one day where what she saw for my future was the same thing my husband brought up at home later that day! Her accuracy and skill in her field of mediumship is spot on and the fact that she can do it all with a positive guiding mindset is so worth it. In fact, it’s why I keep coming back and will continue to seek out guidance in the future.” -B.H.

"Laurie Marie is not someone I expected to be a psychic medium. I knew her as a photographer, coach, and new friend who I instantly clicked with. One day we were driving from San Diego to LA when my grandma paid us a visit. My grandma, who had passed just a few months before, and who I hadn't seen in 10 years. That morning Laurie Marie and I had been on a beach to get grounded before hitting the road and she told me about a beach she found with sea glass. In my head I thought "oh grandma. I need to go there to collect seaglass for her". That was one of her things.

Well not an hour later, she popped in to say hello, tell me she loved me, and to stop beating myself up for not seeing her before she passed. As someone who is a wee bit skeptic about mediumship but very open to magic, this felt more real than I could imagine and I burst into tears. Partly because I wasn't even hoping for it. I had no idea it was even possible.

Laurie hadn't told me about this part of herself! The words she chose, the way Laurie described her laugh as "hearty", and then when I showed her a picture, she knew that was her. Since then, she's offered me much wisdom from my guides that I remember when I need it the most. If you're looking for support from someone who can not only channel but offer solid life guidance as a trained life coach, Laurie Marie is the way to go."

-Natalie B

Girl! You nailed it yesterday! Your skillz are a hot topic in our house! Here's the skinny... I pulled in the driveway with the girls and we were screwing around and then my husband pulled in the driveway. We all smiled and said our hello’s and as we were going in the house my hubby said to me: (and note – I did not talk to him after you and I talked yesterday) “babe, I think I figured out what I’m supposed to be doing…”

He said he wants to take a course that is 1-2 weeks of learning how to live off the land – sow crops – plant and watch things grow – butcher your own livestock like CHICKENS (you said it) and stuff so that while I am working at my wellness center he can be tending the crops that we'll use for our own pantry as well as the café and ingredients in my oils, etc. My jaw dropped and he was like ‘what?” And I was like “DO IT!!!!!! Laurie JUST said to me today in my reading, that she sees this for us! And here you are telling me you want to take a week off of work to learn how to do it and you two haven’t even talked!” He found something that makes him feel good. He started looking at land already last night and I bought a lottery ticket, lol. - JP


"Doing this photo shoot was an awesome experience! Laurie Marie made it so easy and so much fun & it also made me actually feel good about myself!  I would do this again in a heartbeat! It was an amazing experience! Thanks so much!!" - Tiffany

"Having my picture taken by Laurie Marie was a fantastic experience. I never had any pictures taken of me before and I was a little nervous. But Laurie Marie made me feel completely comfortable and it was a lot of fun! She was very professional and the pictures were amazing. I would recommend her to anyone!" - Cassie


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