• Associate Degree in Graphic + Web Design
  • BFA of Fine Arts Painting + Photography Emphasis
  • Over a Decade of Entrepreneurial Bad-Assary
  • CFLC- Certified Fearless Living Coach
  • CFT- Certified Fearless Living Trainer



I’m super excited you're here! I'm Laurie Marie, a CFLC (Certified Fearless Living Coach), CFT (Certified Fearless Living Trainer) + Photographer. Over the last decade, I've helped hundreds of women of all ages, shapes and sizes celebrate themselves through photography! Now I'm taking this amazing train even farther down the awesome tracks and applying some kick-ass coaching to help empower women to love the skin their in! 

I myself have struggled with body image issues for over 15 years and I'm here today to share with you what I've learned along my journey. I'm not always perfect at it and everyday is a practice- but what I know is- no matter where you are you can come out of it on the other side! You can come to a place where you have the confidence, strength and a strong sense of self-acceptance of yourself and your body.