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Let's be honest! We've got a serious problem Here ladies... in fact it's an epidemic!

The "I'm Not Enough As I Am" sickness we've all seemed to have caught faster than the common cold... You've been made to believe the lies that society and others have placed on you... You may have even decided for yourself that you weren't ENOUGH. Based on some belief you picked up along time ago but it's a it's a bunch of BS & I'm here to prove those beliefs + patterns wrong! I'm here to show you and the rest of the world...

Real women, being seen as the amazing magical feminine creatures that you are, perfectly imperfect!


You are ENOUGH, I am ENOUGH! You are MAGIC + I'm gonna prove it to you! I adore helping women discover their own beauty. I've been doing it ever since I was a young girl. My mission on this planet is to show women their beautifully imperfect selves and to stop the sickness we've all bought into! It's why I don't believe in over photoshopping women (you're not barbie so why would we make you look like one?) or going overboard with makeup... Don't even get me started. lol I'm here to bring out the beauty that is already within you! I work with an amazingly talented group of women makeup artists too who also believe in enhancing your beauty, not covering it up! We want to express more of you, not cover up or hide you.


ready See the divine feminine beauty you are? 











    Time to stop the sickness of the "I'm Not Good Enough's" + the "Who Am I To Do This's" 

    And start embracing your beautiful self with an amazing photography experience!

    Need a boost of confidence? Wanting a break from you're everyday to nourish and pamper yourself? Need images for your personal branding images for coaching, photography, or other creative business needs? Want to celebrate yourself with images that your grandkids can oogle over years from now? "Man grandma was a dish!" Need a kick ass dating profile image?  

    Book a FREE discovery call, let's connect, & see if we're a good fit and watch all of the magic unfold!


    "Laurie Marie is a rare gem in a sea of glitter and I promise you, you will be happy with your choice to work with her toward your goals. Whether it be for photography, business, love, relationships, practicing loving your body - it doesn't matter - work with her and watch the magic that unfolds!" xo- Brooke B.

    "To be honest, I was very nervous going into it.  I don't look like a supermodel by any means; I'm a little thicker and curvier of a girl.  I was definitely anxious about how I would look, but I have to say, I just saw the photos and they are absolutely incredible!" -Jennifer K

    "Prior to my session, I'll admit I was definitely nervous. Laurie Marie provided me with lots of info and tips beforehand, and on the day of completely helped ease any remaining nerves. She helped me through the entire session- it was a morning that felt like hanging out with girlfriends- great music, laughter, and feeling pretty! I had a great time the photos are amazing. I'll certainly recommend her to all my friends! -Lexie

    This Might Be Good Fit If...

    • Need a boost in confidence
    • Hate or feel like you never take good images
    • Feel like you're not photogenic
    • You're wanting to be seen + get comfortable in front of the camera
    • Feel awkward in images
    • Want to feel beautiful & sexy
    • Feel like a million bucks
    • Want to up your brand look, dating profile, or wall space
    • Are in need of something fun and liberating for yourself

    NOT For You If...

    • You need to have control + run the show... I'm an artist and I believe in co-collaborating and I can't create if I'm being forced into a box
    • Are a perfectionist who needs everything to be perfect
    • You're not nice or just suck

    “Laurie Marie has her profession perfected... 

    "She immediately makes you feel comfortable and provides a non-judgmental environment to let your hair down (literally!) and have some fun. She truly has a desire to celebrate the beauty of all women." - Jackie


    Let's Make Magic Together!

    I'm a little old school in that I prefer personal connection. It's all part of what makes this experience beautiful. I take my time to get to know all of the beautiful women I work with so if you're wanting more information I'd love to get on a call and discuss the options. The more I understand what you're goals are for your images, the more I can guide you on how to prepare, what to wear, how to prep, and which session might be the best fit for you. Oh and speaking of fit, I like to make sure I'm a good one for ya!



    Customized photography session to meet your needs. Whether it's celebrating your beautiful self or needing personalized branding for your entrepreneurial adventure or anything in between, I've got you covered.



    Is a VIP experience that includes pampering, celebrating and ton's of nourishing fun! When's the last time you took time for yourself? 


    I believe that every woman deserves to look and feel as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside!