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Need help seeing the forest through the trees and want to make change quickly? This is a one and done session where we dive into the current biggest challenge area in life for a 60 Minute call. We'll get in there and remove the blocks that are keeping you from moving forward and give you actionable steps to take to achieve your goals.


  • 1 (60 Minute) Skype, FaceTime, Phone or Zoom Call.
  • Recording of Your Call

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Spend a day pampering and nourishing your soul, getting your biggest questions answered with this personalized Coaching + celebrate you're awesome day with an incredible photography experience with Laurie Marie in Los Angeles, CA. Learn More.


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You are a goddess, a rising star and you should be seen as such and I'm here to help! Long ago you were planted with a gift, a gift to share with the world and now is the time to share it with others. The beauty in this is that along the way you must allow others to see you and celebrate in bringing your gifts to life. Staying small isn't serving you & it definitely isn't serving the man or woman out there who's been praying for you to have the courage to step out fully and be the Queen that you are!

Come home to yourself with this six month custom tailored program that'll help you discover & uncover the ways in which you've been hiding or playing small in your life & business. Bringing you back to who you truly are and guiding you to discover how you want to show up in the world moving forward. 

If you're ready to make lasting change in your life and desire to have more joy, adventure, fulfillment, love, connections and romance and come home to the biggest most beautifulest expression of yourself and , then this 6 Month VIP Program is for you. Through this six month program we'll dive deep into how you see yourself and how you want to be seen. We'll take a look at what's working in your life and what areas could use an upgrade.

This is a transformational experience to come home to yourself once and for all and when you complete the program we celebrate with a VIP transformational beauty portrait session to celebrate and reveal your growth. Learn More.

Laurie Marie is a rare gem in a sea of glitter and I promise you, that you will not be unhappy with your choice to work with her toward your goals. Whether it be for business, love, relationships, practicing loving your body - it doesn’t matter - work with her and watch the magic that unfolds!
— xo- Brooke B.