I’m so excited you’re here! This is a secret private gallery I only share with super special couples that speak to my heart like you! As you may or may not know I don’t advertise that I do weddings anymore but you’ve found me & something about you + your story spoke to me. I photographed weddings for over a decade and loved it. So why stop? Well… after some time I started to see that some of the weddings lost their meaning for me a bit and I was on the verge of burnout. Some weddings became more about the stuff and less about the couple. Don’t get me wrong the details are beautiful and help tell a story but some weddings felt more like a performance to put on for dad’s work friends or a competition to outdo friends.

I couldn’t feel connected to weddings that felt yucky. As an artist I need to be inspired to feel excited about what I’m creating and towards the end they weren’t speaking to me and my heart wasn’t in it. I needed a break. It’s been two years and recently I’ve had a few people inquire and hearing their stories sparked that fire in me again! This time though I’m choosing the stories I tell based on my intuition, that whole-hearted YES!

I want to tell meaningful stories about couples who truly want their love story captured and appreciated the love, growth, and intimacy that goes into a relationship & a marriage. I’m a huge believer in love & growing together, these are the stories I want to tell. If you are here, something about you + your story spoke to me so know that I’m honored to be considered to tell your love story. So, thanks for being awesome! You’re one of those magical couples who inspire me and care about having your story told in a beautiful way that captures the love you share.

Telling stories of purpose is what I love most! I invite you to browse some of my work below and if it makes you feel all of the feels then I’d love to hear from you! Im also a big believer in a mutual exchange so I want you to feel like I’m a good fit for you as well. So if you’re feeling like you’re hearts saying YES! Then let’s get on a call and see if we can make some magic together! Oh and please keep this link a secret… [other than family & friends that might be part of the decision making process]. Like I said you’ve been hand selected so you’re pretty special! I so look forward to connecting with you soon!

xo- Laurie Marie

Meghan + Jeff


Milada + Tim


Jennifer + Jeff


Bailey + Brian


Martha + Andy


Jessica +Chris