[Guiding Entrepreneurs & Influencers To Tell heart-felt Stories with Their Brand]



I'm Laurie Marie.

A Personal Brand & Body Positive Photographer, Intuitive Life Coach, & Mentor for ENTREPRENEURS & INFLUENCERSI also happens to be a dog loving, coffee drinking, lover of all things cute, stylist, branding designer, super intuitive coach, psychic-medium + empath. What do all of these things have to do with you? A freak'n awesome storytelling of your brand!

My deepest desire is to help every single heart I touch create a business & life that they love! I know what it's like to be surviving in business & I desire for everyone to thrive! Photography that not only connects buts speaks directly to your soul mate clients heart is a language I can help you design! To take your business to the next level it takes a whole new level of being seen & connecting in a deeper heart-felt way with your people. I can help!

laurie marie



I believe that every [body] deserves to be celebrated! We're all so beautiful in our own unique way, no matter what the number in our jeans or the scale says. Part of my personal journey has been one of transforming the relationship I have with my body & photography has been a big part of it... My mission in this lifetime is to help women see their beauty, celebrate, & fall in love with themselves



Want to be part of something bigger? Want to inspire, empower, and connect to a bigger purpose? I believe there is tremendous healing in story telling. Sharing our stories is a courageous & vulnerable act. Stories not only helps us heal but it also heals, inspires, & empowers others. Seeing Beauty Sessions Podcast is a show dedicated to sharing personal stories of transformation, purpose, & healing.


We all need support sometimes and if we really want to experience change & growth we can't go it alone. It works for a while but eventually we need to have someone there to help us through the challenges and someone who can guide us and help us stay accountable to our desires, our dreams and who can hold us through our darkest fears until we can hold ourselves...