Hello! I'm So Excited You're Here!

I'm Laurie Marie! I'm a story teller. I love telling stories visually and spiritually. It's what I've been doing my whole life. I see the world through two main filters, love + beauty. I have gifts to share with the world and I'm excited you're here so I can share them! 














Prior to my days as a photographer, I was a designer. I designed visual branding for companies and over the years I've done little side jobs for people. Now I'm being called to do this work more and more! 

It lights me up to help other coaches, photographers, makeup artists, intuitives, and other solo-prenuers to get a jump start to their businesses with beautiful branding. It's another way for me to tell stories.





Love + Beauty








Love + Beauty is how I see the world! I've been a photographer for over a decade and I've seen a whole lotta love and beauty in that time. It's what I'm drawn to most photographically. I love celebrating women and their beauty through the lens and documenting the light that resides in us all!

I'm also a hopeful romantic and adore telling the stories of couples. Those little in between moments that make a couple unique. The way he looks at her, the way she squishes her nose at him. Stories of love and beauty, these are the stories I want to share with the world!






Get out of MIND-Body Jail For Good!








Feel like you're in mind or body jail?Want to love yourself no matter what size you are or no matter what the scale says?

Are the thoughts you have about your body and self worth affecting all areas of your life? Especially romantically? Socially? Is your overall confidence in need of a boost? 

No Worries! I'm here to help! 

I'm Laurie Marie and I know and understand you're struggle all too well. I spent over a decade hating my body and wishing it was someone else's. The thoughts I had around my body were preventing me from attending social events that required me to wear a swimsuit, dance or be in dresses. I told myself I couldn't wear certain things like dresses or knee high boots. I told myself I wasn't deserving of a raise and didn't have the confidence to ask my boss at the time for one.

I wanted sex with the lights off and I NEVER wanted my partner to see me naked. I couldn't stand seeing myself naked let alone anyone else. Yes... the thoughts I had about my body were pretty mean and in a lot of ways were preventing me from living fully.

Until one day I had enough! I decided to make myself a priority! I decided it was time to start loving myself. To stop the war against my body and start making peace with it. That was over 4 years ago. Now I love myself no matter what size I am no matter what the scale says and I have the confidence to go after anything and everything I want! I stopped merely surviving started thriving!





Laurie Marie has her profession perfected. She immediately makes you feel comfortable and provides a non-judgmental environment.
— Jackie